We are a small independent video game development studio based on the edges of the beautiful and tranquil Snowdonia National Park in the Conwy Valley, North Wales.

We have played games for many years, and this has made us want to write/design our own game. We never thought that this was even remotely possible till we discovered Unity, and since then we have been working very hard to learn as much as we can about game design.

We made our first game - a 3D crossword puzzle game - in Unity last year. http://www.cubeword.com.

We are designing a new game now, it is a third-person based game that explores an alternate future.  The player transports back and forth in time where he has to explore and solve some puzzles hopping between different epochs - Modern day epoch - Ancient epoch - Medieval epoch - Post-apocalyptic epoch - Future epoch - in order to get back to his own time.

We are a husband and wife team with a background in electronics and information technology and are relatively new to video game design.

As a new studio we are keen to explore any and all possibilities.