The 3 Dimensional Crossword Puzzle Game
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CubeWord - The CubeWord Game is a traditional crossword puzzle, combined with 3 Dimensional capabilities! It is a cube with six crossword faces - it's very simple to play. Single player and multi-player with friends.

The principle of CubeWord is similar to a traditional crossword puzzle except that it has six faces, one on each side of a cube. When all six faces of the cube are complete the player moves on to the next level. Each face of the cube is increased by one square when the previous faces are complete - taking it to a new level. The complexity or difficulty of the crossword increases with each new level.

CubeWord expands on the traditional crossword puzzle by allowing upto six opponents to play the game at the same time.


How to Play - Click a square to toggle between across and down or click a clue in the Clue Panel. Tab to jump to the next clue.

Press Keyboard Keys 1,2,3,4,5,or 6 to select a face, or click the onscreen buttons.

Left Click, hold and drag anywhere on the cube to rotate it.

click [F] to go fullscreen, esc to exit fullscreen. Esc - Main Menu.

Watch the CubeWord Video